Pärn – Järveoja retired from the opening day of Rally de Portugal

Sander Pärn – Ken Järveoja retired from the opening day of Rally Portugal due do the small driving error which proved to be bigger as it first seemed to be. Thanks to the rally 2 rule they are able to start again tomorrow.

The aim for the first day was to take it a little bit easier and see how the race will go from there. Unfortunately a small error proved to be costly and ended the first day of rallying already on the first stage. “On the first stage we touched the side of the hill and it ripped the wheel to an unusual position. It was impossible to continue,” explained Pärn.

These situations are never easy. “Of course we feel a bit down and it’s not the way we wanted to start the season. It just shows how easy it is to make a mistake, even though we took it a bit easier,” said Pärn.

Thanks to the rule of rally 2 Sander and Ken will be re-starting the rally tomorrow morning. “First, we want to finish the first stage and go on from there. As today as showed us, there is nothing easy and sometimes you just have to learn it the hard way,” said Pärn.