Sordo: “Determined to show everyone what I can do”

Dani Sordo was great in Portugal, even though he blew it all on second day, when a mistake led to a crash and a retirement. But what he did before that is worth every respect, and, in my opinon, earns him the spot in the works team. He was down and out in Mexico, and questions about his skills and ability to focus were many.

But instead of giving in, Sordo decided to fight! And fought he did. Together with one of the best rally engineers in the world at Citroën Racing, Dani was able to set his car up to suit his driving style. Suddenly, the car in his hands responded the way he expected it to, and suddenly speed was there. Sordo was back, Dani was flying again!

Sure, there was this crash, and it was expensive, but I am really not holding it against him, not at all. To crash while being out of contention, and while showing no pace or style, would be bad, but to crash while fighting for the lead, that’s an entirely different thing. Mind you, I said fighting, not driving under no pressure and crashing, you know, Jari-Matti Latvala & Petter Solberg in Ford style.

Here’s what Dani had to say about his performance in Portugal, and also what can we expect from him in future rallies. Can’t wait! It’s about time Citroëns start fighting.

After rejoining under Rally2 rules, Dani Sordo’s sole aim was to make it to the end of the rally and claim a couple of extra points towards the Manufacturers’ World Championship. The Spaniard finished ninth among the works drivers.

[quote]“Most of all, I’ll take heart from how I started the rally, because the feeling I had in the car was better than ever before”, he explained. “The other thing I learned was that you really need to perform well in qualifying to give yourself the best possible chance of victory. I’ll head for Argentina even more motivated than before and determined to show everyone what I can do.”[/quote]