Daniel Oliveira and the BWRT return to the WRC

The Brazilian driver Daniel Oliveira and the BWRT (Brazil World Rally Team) are back in the WRC (World Rally Championship), at the Rally Argentina, fifth race of the year, held from 1 to 4 may.

This will be the fourth participation of Daniel Oliveira at the gravel roads of the country of the pampas. The objective of the team is to finish the rally within the top ten, taking advantage of the knowledge gained in the previous years.

To achieve this result, Daniel Oliveira counts again with Carlos Magalhães at his right seat, re-editing the duo that was present in IRC, at 2010, and WRC, at 2011 e 2012.

The return to the WRC will be at driving wheel of a Ford Fiesta RS WRC, what puts Daniel Oliveira in batch of 13 drivers who will race in one of the most competitive cars of today.

For the driver of BWRT the presence at Argentina «is the opportunity to take part on the most important rally taking place nearby, while Brazil has no rally in the WRC. I hope, therefore, to contribute to the increased number of compatriots who will witness the rally»

The return at the wheel driver of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC is a motive of satisfaction to the driver «because the car is within the lot of the most competitive of this league and we all like to drive the best racing cars».

About results, Daniel Oliveira is aware that «taking into consideration the quality of the list of drivers, the aim can only be to finish the race and to do it in the top 10».

Back in the car of Daniel Oliveira is Carlos Magalhães, one of the most skilled Portuguese co-drivers, who in previous years accompanied the Brazilian driver.

This return of Carlos Magalhães to the right seat of the car of the Brazilian driver «is a result of my love for cars, as this being my job and, in addition, as this rebuilds a team that worked well».

This is a return that the Portuguese co-driver considers «natural and a consequence of the good understanding we had in recent years. I expect that this will happen again this season. The fact that we go to Argentina can be positive, because we were there the last three years and this experience can be crucial to get a good result, which will be moralizing to the rest of the season. Indeed it was in Argentina we made significant changes in notes, which will help us this year, as by now we know what will be the difficulties we will be facing».

Source: BWRT