Exclusive: Behind the scenes of X Games rallycross with Tanner Foust!

It’s hard not to run into Tanner Foust, if you’re in any way involved in following some form or motorsports. American is a huge star over in the States, and we also know him as one of the “participants” in the DIRT game series. He is also a huge rallycross fan, and knows his way around the history of the sport. This year, Tanner claimed victory on the first event of the new FIA European Rallycross Championship, on the legendary Lydden Hill track.

Next up for Tanner was the X Games rallycross event in Brazil – he was one of the favorites for the medals, but in rallycross luck sometimes play a very big role. For the final race in Brazil, organizers lined up 10 cars, many of which did not make it out of the first corner alive. It was a true bumper cars tango, and it left many favorites sidelined – among them Travis Pastrana, Ken Block and Tanner Foust.

Before the event, Fiesta Movement guys caught up with Tanner, and asked him a few very interesting questions about the car, the track, his predictions and also the reasons that got him involved in the rallycross scene. You can catch his answers in this exclusive video. Who better to talk about the X Games than Tanner – he won more X Games medals than any other driver!

And here is some first hand information about the Fiesta Movement, it’s agents and programme for 2013. Sounds exciting to be part of it, don’t you think!

About the Fiesta Movement and it’s Agents, by Bryan Redeker

The Fiesta Movement continued its program launch with a special mission to cover the X Games in Foz do Iguassu. Bryan and Brandon Redeker, brothers from the Grand Haven, Michigan experienced the X Games at the inaugural event south of the equator. As avid motorsports fans, they have attended a number of stage rally events in Michigan, but neither of them had witnessed a Global Rally Cross event, and were excited at the opportunity to do so. “The cars look like the WRC cars, except have the radiators out back, lack the co-driver, and produce even more horsepower” said Bryan after seeing the cars in action.

The brothers also teamed up with Ford Fiesta ST GRC driver, Brian Deegan, to film a commercial that aired on ESPN during the X Games. Deegan dared them to rappel down a 360 foot dam in Brazil and doing so would make them the first people ever to accomplish the stunt. Bryan and Brandon spent the day filming with Deegan and talking racing with one of their favorite drivers. The commercial can be found online at www.xgames.com/ford . “We were in complete shock with Deegan daring us to rappel down the dam, but it was a fun time and enjoyed talking racing with Brian” said Brandon.

The remainder of their time was spent watching the GRC practice sessions, talking with the teams and mechanics, and interviewing the Ford factory drivers. “All of the drivers, teams, and mechanics are a lot of fun to be around. They could tell we were fans who knew about the cars and racing” said Bryan from the GRC paddock in Brazil. The brothers interviewed Ken Block of Hoonigan Racing, Tanner Foust and Andreas Eriksson from OlsbergMSE. They also had dinner with Foust and Eriksson, along with a number of people from Ford, Ford Racing, ESPN, and the X Games. Brandon said “It was an honor to sit at the table with such a great group of people and talk about rally from a fan’s perspective.”

The Fiesta Movement kicks off at the beginning of May with 100 “agents” receiving 2014 Ford Fiestas to use until the end of the year. What makes this movement different than the previous is the fact that Ford will select some content made by the agents to showcase in a print advertisement or even a short commercial. The agents will share their experience with the cars on a number of social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. A select few agents will receive the 197hp EcoBoost turbocharged Fiesta ST. Bryan and Brandon will be getting a Fiesta ST, and will be taking it to a number of autocrosses, rallycrosses, and open track events. You can follow the brothers online at www.fiestamovement.com . The Fiesta Movement and the X Games will continue their partnership by sending agents to Barcelona and Munich next.