Focusing on power stage is wrong

  • Michael Spencer

    Wouldn’t it be best for them to just continue with the existing power stage live at every event, as it was in 2011? As a move towards more radical formats?

    What were the complaints about that coverage in 2011?

  • I still believe it is hard to sell live stage rallying for TV. It is spectacular but IMHO it is really hard for someone to just jump in and understand what’s going on.

    It is almost like selling a couple of live laps of F1 for TV.

    It’s the basic principle of telling stories: there’s a beginning, a middle-part and an ending. People like to see who’s winning at the end. That’s why a power-stage coverage seems to be more or less viable and not some stage on Day 2.

    Also, it can be frustrating for some people if they can’t follow the whole event. They can miss the best bits when there’s no coverage. Yes, that’s why round-ups were invented, but the audience prefers live action.

    Looking at the Fafe rally sprint it seems to be the best solution. One stage every day, live. Cars going one way, then the other way around and the whole thing again. Next day it’s another stage, on the third a third one. All stages could be televised live

    Yes, it would take away from the endurance factor, but there’s nothing new about it. Last year the Wales rally was just over the length of an F1 race. The last Safari rally was a monster compared to rallies today, but there was a time when ALL rallies were like that and some more.

    Still, it would be a lot better than World Rallycross Championship, wouldn’t it?

    I mean, can you imagine pure Col de Turini, Fafe, Ouninpohja, El Condor, etc. for a whole day? I could, for sure.

    • That is interesting set of ideas, or rather, idea of re-using some of the stages. Perhaps there is something in it, but to focus exclusively on one stage is in my opinion wrong. It would make rally turn into hillclimb racing, negate the need for co-driver and is not in line with what rally is all about. Some kind of variation to this idea, however, might be possible.

      • “It would make rally turn into hillclimb racing, negate the need for co-driver ”

        Not if you have a 50km+ stage run in both directions. Every day a different stage.

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