Separate power stage from the overall results and THEN make a show out of it? If you must.

  • Slayer_ch

    Answer to your questions at the end. It costs money and does not guarantee to 1000% that all the managing people behind will get a shitload of money back. So lets do something cheap and stupid and hope it works. If not then we just sell this shit called WRC.

  • Alex

    Well, i’ve just seen this youtube video, about the new BMW Z4 for ALMS,

    Yes there is Leo on the BMW box and he is showing and explaining the car.

    In my opinion, all rally championships would benefit with a program in a studio, with interviews, guests (retired drivers, mechanics, engineers (explaining technical stuff). With talks about history, let’s say put a current driver in an old car or the other way, there are some old glories driving new cars, ask them how this cars compare to the old.

    Let’s picture this, they get a rally car let picture an old xsara wrc, and they explain technical stuff how telemetry works………

    • Great idea, and one I was hoping new promoter was actually working on. There is so much more about WRC and rally, than highlight reports, and even live TV stages. There is a whole philosophy, with it’s specifics and a unique character. So much can and should be said about rally!

  • Slayer_ch

    By the way next week Eurosport will bring us 4 hours Live from the European Rally Championship.

    Friday 17 at 10:00 and 19:00 UK Time
    Saturday 18 at 11:00 and 17:00 UK Time

    Lets see how boring this Live Rally is. ;-)

    • Alex

      Yes it will be boring as hell :D just looking to the entry list is boring.

      Bring it on

  • Alex

    Short list:

    Stéphane Sarrazin
    Jan Kopecký
    Bryan Bouffier
    François Delecour
    Craig Breen
    Jérémi Ancian
    Robert Kubica (hope he can finish the rally)
    Jean-Mathieu Leandri

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