Croatia Rally reveals new logo & ambitious plans

Not long ago, Croatia Rally was topic of some of the articles here on World Rally Blog, and for all the wrong reasons. While many of those reasons still exist, and the bitter aftertaste of all the problems and issues that surround this rally in Croatia still persists, there is hope that while all this is going on, there is also some actual work being done in preparation for the 40th edition of this event.

In fact, this is probably the first public announcement made by the new promoters, ever since they took over, or rather were awarded the organization rights by national federation. As the switch happened just when it was confirmed Croatia Rally would be part of new European Rally Championship scheme, it’s not hard to guess what lies behind all these controversies. Many, many questions still remain unanswered, but rally is, hopefully, moving along, and is scheduled to run from September 26th to 28th in the coastal town of Poreč.

To mark the 40th anniversary, Croatia Rally organizers and promoters came up with a new official logo. Which is basically what the press release below talks about. That, and the promise saying Croatia Rally will be “one of the most attractive in Europe”. Time will tell. Croatian motorsports federation is known to be high on promises, so let’s see what the actual rally will look like.

Below, full PR concerning new logo, location and ambitions.


The new logo of CROATIA RALLY 2013 has been approved; the tenth round of the 2013 European Rally Championship will take place from September 26th to 28th in Croatia with its headquarter based in Poreč, one of the most beautiful place on the Adriatic coast. The city has tourist infrastructures that run along the 37km of coastline and offer more than 95,000 beds.

The new logo of Croatia Rally, with graphics created by UNITED BUSINESS, shows the traditional and characteristic red and white checks with blue graphic inserts, the same which can be found on the Croatian national flag. Logo is approved by the Board of CCKF (Croatian Car and Karting Federation) and its President, Matko Bolanca.

It has been agreed a cooperation between CCKF and the Italian sports management company, UNITED BUSINESS, which will cooperate with the CCKF to promote the Croatia Rally 2013, the agreement was signed by Matko Bolanca, CCKF’s President and Pier Liberali, General Manager of UNITED BUSINESS.

[quote]Zrinko Gregurek, Secretary General of CCKF said: “For the 40th anniversary of Croatia Rally, which has been organized many years and previously known as INA DELTA RALLY by AC DELTA from Zagreb, EUROSPORT EVENTS the promoter of the European Rally Championship, will ensure a worldwide media coverage. United Business is planning a number of initiatives both at sporting level and of side events, to make this Rally one of the most attractive in Europe.”[/quote]