“Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind”?

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone” is what we might end up singing in couple of weeks time, after several rounds of meetings and discussions about the future of the World Rally Championship are over. And it would be about time we do, for the last couple of months were spent in asking too many questions and getting too few answers.

The expert team, led by FIA rally director Jarmo Mahonen, is scheduled to meet over the next couple of weeks, and make final adjustments to the proposed changes, which will then be presented to FIA Motorsport Council at the end of next month. Reports suggest that existing (and quite possibly future) teams’ representatives are also involved, together with WRC’s promoters, led by Red Bull Media House.

With FIA being as silent as ever, we have to rely on Autosport to gather information from behind closed doors. According to the latest batch, the news are good, and the sport might be, finally, heading towards the “Sun-Shiny days”.

Malcolm Wilson spoke to Autosport, and while he did not exactly reveal too much, or rather, Autosport did not publish anything revolutionary, the overall mood is positive. And that’s something!

To see just how many power stages we might end up having per one rally, head over to Autosport.com for full article. In the end, can we really hope to hear this song’s lyrics turn into a reality in WRC?

I apologize for the somewhat cheesy song, but it’s first thing that came to mind after reading that piece on Autosport. Also, excuse the outfit, not my fault! :)