Rain turns X-Games rallycross into eX-Games rallynoes

  • Marko S.

    Here’s the idea. Merge WPC (World Powerstage Championship) and X-games into one show. Let the drives drive from the warmth of their homes in racing simulators. That way that pesky weather cannot delay/cancel the event, you’d have excellent grip fit for world’s top racers, low cost on team transport, low cost on broadcasting, drivers would have more time to spend with their families, manufacturers would just have to provide the “skin” of the e-car making it very cheap and interesting for new teams to enter.

    • flat-over-crest

      World Powerstage Championship…Been laughing for some minutes after reading this.Brilliant comment.
      God,and I thought I was the only one being cynical.

  • Gilles S. Penguin

    I will race on such a Championship.

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