FIA Junior WRC switches to GEM bio-fuels

Sustainability and motorsports may seem like two extremes, least likely to combine and produce something exciting, but nonetheless there are initiatives, looking to make racing more affordable, environment friendly and, well, sustainable.

One such initiative concerns our sport in particular. More precisely, FIA Junior World Rally Championship series is set to use GEM Fuel, a highly developed mixture of regular gasoline and bio fuels, mainly bio-ethanol and bio-methanol.

First run of new fuel in proper competition will be in Acropolis Rally, where Ford Fiesta R2 will be running on GEM fuel, supplied by GUTTS.

Below is the official press release, announcing this interesting development, aimed at making JWRC competition a bit more eco friendly, while using currently available technologies and resources. Thanks Dré Galiart for the tip and the information source.

FIA Junior WRC switches to GEM Fuel and appoints Dutch Company GUTTS as Official Fuel Supplier

GUTTS, the world’s first supplier of sustainable race fuels and a strong partnership of Abengoa, BioMCN, Eurol, Methanex and the Methanol Institute, introduce GEM Fuel for the 2013 FIA Junior WRC. After working closely with the FIA and M-Sport in an extensive development process GEM Fuel will make its debut at Acropolis Rally of Greece and GUTTS is appointed the status of the FIA Junior WRCs’ Official Fuel Supplier for 2013.

The Junior WRC Championship is supporting the FIA’s drive to make motor sport more sustainable by introducing this new advanced biofuel.

[quote]Jarmo Mahonen, FIA WRC Director: “The FIA has a strategy to develop solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of mobility in general and motor sport in particular. Our Championship can be a real test bed for this innovative bio-fuel which supports our drive for more sustainable motor sport.”[/quote]

M-Sport, which supplies the Ford Fiesta R2s to the FIA Junior WRC Championship, was involved in an evaluation of the fuel back in January 2012, when an extensive dyno test comparing the performance and consumption of three fuels – including GEM Fuel – was performed at its Cumbrian base. This groundwork and the subsequent development work results in a debut of the Fiesta R2 on GEM Fuel in Acropolis Rally of Greece end of June.

GEM Fuel is a ternary blend fuel containing regular gasoline, bio-ethanol and bio-methanol, has a largely increased biomass limit and reduces CO2 emissions by over 70% compared to regular petrol. Its development and deployment came about through a powerful partnership of Abengoa, BioMCN, Eurol, Methanex and the Methanol Institute. These partners are leading organisations in innovative automotive, lubricant and fuel solutions. They possess knowledge and skills that are invaluable to the successful launch of GEM Fuel in the FIA 2013 Junior WRC and are very much welcomed as part of the World Rallying Community.

The production and distribution of GEM Fuel is executed by GUTTS in the Netherlands. GUTTS is the world’s first supplier of sustainable race fuels. Working closely with governing bodies, race teams, series organisers and the automotive industry, the safe and successful use of sustainable race fuels has taken flight. Firmly rooted in the rules and regulations, accompanied by effective PR and marketing a large number of teams is now running sustainable race fuel in various series.