FIA, Red Bull MH, anyone, bring Renault to WRC!

There is really no reason to go into lengthy debates and detailed studies on why the iconic French brand should be part of the World Rally Championship. Because it should, that’s why!

Few hours ago, Renault unveiled a pretty special concept in Monaco. It has little to do with rallying, or even with common sense, as some will say, but it’s bloody exciting and inspiring!

It’s name is Twin’Run, it prides itself as being of the same breed as, brace yourselves, Renault 5 GT Turbo and Renault Clio V6. Renault even produced a stunning video, featuring all three, but Twin’Run is more than just another concept. With Megane Trophy sourced mid-mounted V6 engine, pushing out 320 HP, it’s safe to say it’s got what it takes to stand proud next to 5 and Clio.

Now, Clio and 5 GT were icons in their own rights, and they left their mark on the rally stages all over the world. Renault seems to be adopting a much bolder and sportier image for new generation of it’s cars, and what better way and platform to display the rich heritage & exciting modern potential than on WRC stages.

Can FIA, Red Bull and their numerous partners, sub-companies and host of experts come up with a plan to lure Renault (and not only them) to WRC!?