Acropolis Rally, podium predictions

  • flat-over-crest

    Obviously VW and Ogier are hot favourites ,but then the Acropolis has a habit of upsetting predictions.Personally I would love some outsider to win for a change-Ostberg,maybe?
    Well ,we can always hope.

    • Ostberg is my tip for the surprise win. Well, not surprise really, because I think he has the speed, but he’s quite iffy so far this year. And let’s be honest, Ogier not winning would be a bit of a surprise. He says he does not need to win, given the advantage in the championship. To me that sounds like “of course, we’ll push like crazy and win this one too”. :)

      • flat-over-crest

        Guess what,Ogier out on SS1 and Hirvonen in deep trouble too.
        Even this years ”mini” Acropolis is not to be tackled easily,so there’s still bite in this old dog of a Rally …

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