First special stage carnage on Acropolis Rally

  • flat-over-crest

    That’s what rallying is all about-speed AND endurance.Some people maybe forget it.
    If VW can’t fit a handbrake that works,if Citroen loses steering racks after 10 km and if Ford has wheels falling off…tough luck.
    And please,no tears for them-after all they will all return tomorrow under super-rally rule or what the hell it is now called.Some years ago,this would be a normal Acropolis stage loss rate.

  • Rallysport_gr

    Just came back from the stages. SS1 was what acropolis is all about. People in the stage loved it and from what i can gather so did many people watching the race from the internet.
    Evgeny looked fast in Qualy stage but he was flying in the stage and in both stages he gave us two passes the had all of going absolutely bonkers !! Fast and spectacular !! RESPECT !!

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