Video: Volkswagen’s co-drivers in a flash interview

You know those guys that George Donaldson amusingly refuses to talk to in service areas? Co-drivers bear the huge, immense responsibility on their shoulders. Seriously, compared to what co-drivers should be worried about throughout the weekend, the idea of driving sounds like the easiest job in the world. Of course, it isn’t, but co-drivers are unsung heroes of the sport, and their job consists of so much more than just reading the pacenotes at good pace, with ability to influence the driver’s pace, or make alterations to notes, all while being driven at 160+ km/h, downhill, and not looking out of window. Big balls!

Volkswagen Motorsport’s “Rally The World” gathered team’s co-drivers, stuffed them into the back seat of that lovely Combi, and grilled them with set of quick questions. Replies were delivered in true co-driver fashion.