Croatia Rally has a new website, itinerary to be published soon

We rally fans really love our drama, it comes with the sport, and when it meets politics, money or a bit of both, you can be sure there will be drama everywhere. Croatian round of European Rally Championship is no exception. Shrouded in mystery ever since it exchanged “hands” couple of years ago, when the rally changed organizers and was moved from capital Zagreb to the coastal town of Rijeka. Courts, allegations, semi-digested information were everywhere and nowhere, and it was impossible to understand who are the good or bad guys in this story. As I wrote earlier, with the inclusion of this event into the new and attractive European Rally Championship, promoted and broadcast by Eurosport, this event suddenly became number 1 priority in Croatian motorsport federation. But that’s not the point of this article. No, it really isn’t.

Because in this article, I refuse to have any interest in anything other than rally itself. Because it’s so damn exhausting really. All those accusations, rumours… they all come down to same old argument – there will always be someone looking to make money out of things and do things to serve their own interests. Right? Right. So, with that in mind, I am at the moment much more interested in what the new organizers have to say about this year’s Croatia Rally.

For now, they’ve prepared a new website. Below you can see complete press release. Personally, I am more interested in the itinerary (there are some nice roads around Poreč), and that will be published in about one week from now.

With all the nauseating politics and interests aside, I wish this rally to be a successful one. Yes it does have a sucky logo (I mean, really!) and it’s website is pretty 2004., but it works and it serves it’s purpose. As long as the event is up to it’s 40 year long tradition and does not fail to impress with the itinerary and the level of organization, I don’t care if their logo is meh or the website is hah. Also the fact that it’s Twitter handle is using “rally” in front of “Croatia”, just like the website, even though the event itself is Croatia Rally. I know, the correct domain is still in the hands of the former organizer, but it’s just confusing as hell, especially for foreign fans!

Honestly, all I wish for at the moment, is for this event to go smooth, have a top line-up, exciting itinerary and favourable weather. Hopefully, that’s not too much to ask.

Official press release regarding the new website follows below. But before you read it – see if you can spot the differences in the domains mentioned in this official document! Ha!

ONLINE THE NEW OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF CROATIA RALLY 2013 – EUROPEAN RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP WWW.CROATIARALLY.COM is completely renovated in the graphics, content and functionality, with many innovations such as new initiatives for receiving comments and having a dialogue on main social networks: Facebook and Twitter.

The new website is upgraded with services to more easily manage the entries to Croatia Rally 2013, the accreditations for journalists and hotel booking procedures for all who wish to participate in the rally which will be a show to remember.

The website has also an opportunity to communicate with all rally fans through Twitter and Facebook channels of the Croatia Rally 2013: both Twitter and Facebook are an important communication channel for organizer of the Croatia Rally 2013 for dialogue with all the drivers, the rally teams and rally fans.

The Croatia Rally 2013 is set itself the goal to communicate actively with all fans, through a multidisciplinary staff able to provide information and suggestions for those who wish to take part in this event in its 40th edition, event which will have its headquarter and service park in the center of Poreč, tourist center in Croatia, with hotels, beaches, camping, marina, shopping centers, playgrounds, lines, entertainment, dining and shopping facilities.

In the high season (May to September) more than 120,000 people from all over the world are coming in Poreč to experience the magic of summer on the beaches, an evening experience in the restaurants, bars and nightclubs … a fantastic location for the Croatia Rally 2013, which will be held from 26th of September to 28th of September 2013 and will certainly have a large national and international public.

Visit the new website