Crazy Leo Urlichich is looking for a co-driver, plans WRC assault

Don’t let the “Crazy” bit about Leo discourage you, if you think you have what it takes to join the Canadian driver, as he prepares for the new page in his career. Sure, sometimes he rallies with wheels pointed in funny directions, or with few wheels missing, but he is all about being fast and being successful. To that goal he is willing to dedicate his best efforts, and according to a news coming from Leo’s camp, his ultimate goal is World Rally Championship!

To launch his campaign, Leo plans to tackle remaining rounds of Canadian national rally championship this year, and in the meantime work on preparing the structure to launch as elaborate WRC campaign in 2014 as possible. To be able to do that, Mr. Urlichich needs a new co-driver. Leo is aware that in order to be successful in WRC you must “live and breathe rally”, and be ready for many sacrifices, so this is also expected from a new co-driver.

Do you have what it takes? Can you seriously resist the temptation to contact Leo and talk to him about the project which might see you end up doing a WRC rallies as a co-driver? If there ever was a dream job position for any rally fan, than this is it! Can you tell I am tempted? Because I am! Who wouldn’t be!

The news about Leo’s plans to join WRC crowd next year is great. WRC really, REALLY, needs a North American regular, and not just one. We also could use a round in the US or Canada, but that’s another story.

If you think you’re the right material to join the crazy dude and be the brains in his car, take a look below for Leo’s description of what his plans are, and what is expected from you.

Dream job, I am telling you! Just remember to refer to Leo as “Crazy” and his car is called “Beast”, keep that in mind!

Text below is taken from Leo’s Facebook page

WHOOA! The news is that I finally got cleared by the doctors to get back to rallying, and we are doing the next rally in Canada, which is Baie des Chaleurs! We will be there with the Beast and Martin Brady in the hot seat. I know a lot of fans and friends really missed Martin, so we thank him for stepping in!

The bigger (or less expected) news is that after Baie I’m looking for a new co-driver. This forced downtime gave me and the team a chance to clarify my career goals. My previous co-driver Carl Williamson is an amazing notes reader, a great engineer and an exceptional coach. I am very thankful to him for everything he’s done for me and the team. I’m certain we’ll do some events together in the future, and it’s going to be a blast! As many of you know, we also became great friends. If my plans were to continue rallying in North America, I would never turn to another co-driver. But it’s time for me to look towards new horizons, more specifically, the WRC. The unfortunate truth is that it’s an incredibly tough journey. Even to get to the World Championship, we all have to commit 100% and set aside personal and family matters. We should live and breathe this goal.

For 2013 my plan is to compete in the 5 remaining rounds of the Canadian championship. Also, together with Can-Jam Motorsports (who have supported me from the very start of my career), work hard on securing maximum support and funding to enter as many WRC events in 2014 as possible. However, I do realize that we will need at least 3 years in the WRC to achieve something respectable. So we all will have to work really hard to make the best of this. But right now one of the key (perhaps THE key) ingredients is missing. That is a co-driver and a colleague in arms, who is devoted, hardworking and committed enough for a journey like this. I would like to work with someone who will be fully invested into the team on the various levels beyond and above co-driving duties.

I am extremely difficult to deal with when it comes to rallying, because I always want to squeeze every last bit out of everything. Therefore, I know it will take at least couple of events together for all the parties to commit to anything long term. I would like the first event to be Black Bear Rally (Ontario, Canada, July 12th, 13th), but later events are possible.

If this sounds interesting, but you weren’t really following rallying on this side of the pond, I’ll be happy to answer any questions: [email protected]
Rallying is all about driving fast, so if you are interested in my current pace, don’t hesitate to ask me for a private link to some of our recent onboard footage.