These are the special stages of 40th Croatia Rally

40th edition of Croatia Rally will have 14 special stages, set on seven different tracks, covering 239 competitive kilometers over two days. Action begins on Thursday, Sept. 26 with short superspecial stage in the host town of Poreč.

Proper racing resumes on Friday with 118 competitive kilometers in the eastern part of Istria peninsula. Crews will tackle three different stages twice, with another visit to Poreč for midday service. Another specialty in Croatia Rally’s menu is the lengthy (56 km) liasion from the final stage of the loop to the service, but again, who doesn’t like to drive around in a rally car!

Final day moves a bit closer to Poreč, with another two loops on three stages. With 29.88 kilometer in lenght, special stage Salteria is nice little test of stamina, similar to Friday’s SS Brest with it’s 29.86 kilometers of competitive distance.

Another visit to Poreč and it’s 1.7 kilometer superspecial stage concludes the 40th edition of Croatia Rally.


Some stages I know and some I don’t, so in order to pick some good spots for spectating and taking photos, World Rally Blog will put on some sunscreen, pour some overly expensive diesel in, and head out to do the preliminary recce of the stages!

For more info on itinerary and maps, visit Croatia Rally official website.