Today I learned: Twin engined Golf Mk2 almost won at Pikes Peak

  • flat-over-crest

    Well,they didn’t actually ”almost win”-they were a lot slower than the leading cars,(namely a certain Mr.Rorhl and a certain Mr.Vatanen…) as the car suffered from oil leaks.
    Nevertheless it was a brave effort and worth mentioning.
    And what a race the 1987 Pikes Peak was-a fitting farewell to the group B monsters, with Audi’s 750 HP beast vs 3 works 600hp Peugeots ,plus a works Ford RS200 with Malcom Wilson,a Lancia S4 with some Italian private entry,and a prototype 4wd Mazda rx7…and the Golf ‘Bimotor’ of course.The 1988 race gets all the credit with the 405 T16/Vatanen/Clmb Dance,etc…but the ’87 had more competition.Great Days.

  • flat-over-crest
    Just a little taste.There’s also an official Audi video called (what else?)”Race to the clouds” worth looking for.

  • flat-over-crest
    And here’s the Uber-Golf itself…sorry for bombarding you,but I was going totally bonkers that summer of 1987,reading everything about Pikes Peak and the Gp.B taking America by storm.Still love that era,as you see.

    • Dear friend, thank you for bombarding me, this is fantastic, thanks a lot for these! Indeed it looks like crazy time, really spectacular by any standard!

      • flat-over-crest
        ΟΚ,then,just cause you said so,another gem from the best Pikes Peak year of all-an Austrian TV special from 1987.It is in German,I can’t understand a word,but who cares?
        Don’t you just love the sound of Group B in the morning?

        • Clermont1

          Yes, thank you! I’m curious how the Germans placed this year.

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