Video: Another look at Rally d’Italia Sardegna, by Almrally

Evgeny Novikov’s co-driver Ilka Minor just tweeted a link, saying we absolutely must see it. When co-drivers, usually regarded as calmer and more collected part of the rally crew, get so excited over something, then you know you must do as they say.

And good thing I did. Filmed and produced by the Almrally team, this feature is just breathtaking. Just the right amount of oh-so-popular slow-motions, combined with perfectly picked camera positions and angles, displaying all the challenges crews faced in Sardinia. It really is that good – just see for yourself.

Jumps, watersplashes, close calls with walls, rough terrain and much more… it’s all there. Pure rally passion.

Now, if only Evgeny would also listen to Ilka and do as she says!