The new King of the (Pikes) Peak

But of course, you know it by now. Sebastien Loeb made good on his promise to bring the car to the top of the Colorado mountain in one piece, and fast. Months of hard work, development, research and testing went into this one run, and not surprisingly, one of the first things Seb experienced was a relief.

Many have pointed out this already, but from now on, the winner’s club is called the 8 minute club, and since Rhys Millen massively improved on previous record, setting his personal best to 9 minutes and 2 seconds, but was unable to match Loeb’s pace, it remains to be seen what kind of driver and car combination will it take to dethrone the new king. Yes, perhaps you can bring a 1200 HP car to the race, and have it weigh 750 kilograms, but who would be able to drive such a thing. I believe today we saw a record being set. In stone.

I hope we won’t see or hear any kind of comments, suggesting Loeb had it easy in his 875 HP monster of a car, because pure power. I can only point such people towards the name of the class. “Unlimited” is just what it means.

Congratulations, Sebastien & Peugeot.