Official WRC Twitter account is all about… Formula 1?

Well, it’s not all about Formula 1 yet, but bit by bit, and we could end up with a full F1 race Twitter coverage on what claims to be official Twitter account of the World Rally Championship. I get the love of motorsport, I get the fascination with Formula 1, as a major motorsport… thing, but really, is this what official WRC account should be talking about to it’s followers. Most of which decided to follow that very account not because it loves Formula 1, but because it should be the authority and most informed source of, well, information about, can you guess it, World Rally Championship.

We’d rather hear about what WRC officials, decision makers, promoters, teams and drivers, have to say about our sport, instead of being exposed to more F1 propaganda. Perhaps even strike a conversation with fans. About WRC, and not Formula 1. I don’t think Formula 1 needs any more promotion, unlike WRC. If whoever is managing Official WRC Twitter account cannot contain him/herself during F1 weekends, make another account and go wild about Formula 1 on it. I do get that mistakes are part of everything in life, but hey, this is not some random Joe, fat-thumbing his brain farts as they strike him.

This short rant is mainly inspired by Katka aka sackrebleu’s excellent piece about the issues around the official WRC Twitter posts. Many people complained about the quality of these tweets, but someone finally decided to put words together and talk about the downsides of tweeting about everything and anything on an account which should be dead dedicated to the very sport whose name it carries.

CLICK HERE to read Katka’s observations. Finally someone spoke about things which could be considered funny or silly, but which should not be tolerated if this sport is to gain new grounds and raise it’s game.