WRC & US – Canada, should not be a question of if, but when

  • Don Vito

    Rally would surely need North American (as well as Asian) markets. But what comes to the spectators, in USA especially the spectators are demanding. They need very good competitions, which current WRC does not offer, and also they want it on-site, not in some remote forest like in Europe. And also current WRC cars are not the ones a typical american customer would consider buying. And that is a big disadvantage to the manufacturers.

  • Thor Seely

    Greetings from the USA. I just got done watching a WRC event on velocity tv and I am very surprised there is no rally presence in North America! (Other than ken block) speaking of Ken Block, his videos are huge over here therefore fortifying your theory. Besides I live in Idaho which is kind of geographically similar to Germany and we have a lot of great roads! Bring the WRC here!

  • -mw-

    I’ve been begging for the WRC to come to Canada for god knows how long I can’t remember…… I think with the right marketing (like some serious 30 second ads during prime time tv) to get people interested. I mean crap, we have the country for it! 90% of us live 100 km’s from the border, the rest is wide open back country!! Ken Block is a stunt driver, not a rally driver, not on the level of the WRC anyway. When I talk to other motorsporters at the local track, they can’t shut up about stock-car this, NASCAR that. But the second I mention the WRC their eyes glaze over, they have pretty much no idea what it is, they equate it to some rednecks in Datsun 510’s in the back acreage! They need to understand, REAL cars, REAL roads, REAL Drivers, driving down roads they’ve never seen in their life in all conditions as fasts they can!
    In the U.S. its gonna be a lot harder because NASCAR has one of the best marketing strategies around, and they have really gobbled up the TV coverage. I use to be able to watch Canadian Rally as well as WRC on our SPEED channel. Nows its mostly NASCAR with some sprinkling of a few other series here and there.
    And NASCAR is fine, and its fun, but (and I won’t use the rope/steering wheel joke)
    lets really be honest, its kinda boring after a while, its just a oval, and their is a lot of skill, but not nearly as much as Rally.

    I think if we’d get the WRC over here, we might be able to get back some of the other manufacturers. I know for a fact that if the WRC came over here they could rely on all our small Rally groups for help and volunteers.
    You won’t get anywhere if you don’t try!!!!

    Here’s my 2 cents
    I’m out.


    • You say that bringing WRC to US and/or Canada would also bring more manufacturers to WRC, but what if it has to be other way around? Perhaps WRC needs few more big car companies as manufacturer teams before the pressure to go to US / Canada is high enough for WRC to make it happen?

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