Video: Tommi Makinen, episode two, beeps, smiles, mystery!

Let’s be honest, it would be great to know what Tommi Makinen and his team are planning, but it’s even better not to know. Because excitement and expectation. People are talking, fans are curious, as it should be.

What we know is, well, not that much. Tommi will take part in this year’s Rally Finland in some capacity. But what exactly is his plan, only Tommi, his team and, of course, the NSA know.

Tommi Makinen Racing released second teaser video, in which our hero realizes his racing overall somehow shrunk since the last time he wore it, and we also learn about the top secret special way of securing the laces on his precious golden boots.

Again, that white Impreza is shown, in the snow, but is this the car Tommi will use, or is he in for something more special, time will tell. Mr. “I won’t the championship, they just called me” is up to something spectacular, and that’s all we need to know right now.