Video: Jari-Matti talks to Becs about the joys of Audi

Oh, I would so put all of them into old rally cars, no matter which, can be Ford Escorts, Audi Quattros, Lancia Deltas, Toyota Celicas, or something even more radically different from the current crop of WRC machines, and see how they cope. No doubt, they would all adapt quickly, but which driver would be the one to find that extra something in the new circumstances?

Well, back to reality and the nice, tasty sounding Audi Quattro group 4, and it’s driver, the fast and talented, also sometimes talking-to-himself guy, Jari-Matti Latvala. See and hear what he had to say about the Audi and his chances on the Rally Estonia. Questions courtesy of none other than Becs Williams. Enjoy!