Do not come to Croatia Rally, death may occur, promoter says

Have you ever heard a joke about the football and rally, the one in which rally wins out because, wait for it, it takes two balls to rally! No? Awww. Well, chances are you’ll hear/see it soon, and promoted by the promoter of the FIA European Rally Championship event. If Croatia Rally carries on like this, then this joke is bound to end up on one of their wallpapers.

Italian company United Business, specialized in anything and everything from driver management to events promotion, started releasing these wallpaper on what looks like daily basis on Facebook. On what I assume is his personal Facebook profile, Pier Liberali of UB posted about a dozen of these wallpapers, most of which are meh, quick mash of some clipart and rally images, but some or more on a WTH or even WTF side.

Seriously, just look at the image above (made by stitching two separate “wallpapers” together, side by side). The right one tells us that rally drivers take turns by turning the wheel. Unless it’s actually telling us that rally drivers also turn their wheel while driving straight, in which case they’re not really good rally drivers. Was this supposed to be funny? Does it make rally drivers seem like badass uberdrivers? Seriously.

The second image, however, tells us that if you dare to get anywhere near the rally cars during Croatia Rally, you will be beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat. As in killed. Especially if the cars are marked with this illustrious company’s colors.

How about hiring someone with actual graphic design skills and some taste and understanding of the sport? This is pretty lame, to say the least. I do understand the apparently funny twist at “get off my lawn”, but it’s used in a wrong way here, and it says nothing good about the sport or about the hosting country.

And by the way, in the meantime they’ve released another wallpaper, this one depicts NASCAR as a primates’ sport, while rallying is for the modern man.