Why it is good that Seb Loeb left the WRC?

To make it perfectly clear, it’s not good. It’s obvious he still has plenty of speed, but if the ambition is gone, and after winning EVERYTHING I reckon it just might be, there’s no point in doing things which are not amusing to you. Yes, I know you cannot really grasp the concept or someone being tired of rallying around the world, but not all of us are blessed with jobs that equal our biggest passion in life. So instead of doing rallies for few more years, and with the risk of actually developing a hate towards the sport, Seb decided to pursue other interests. In b4 someone claims it was all because of Volkswagen and Sebastien Ogier.

But there is one thing that is good about the fact that Seb is no longer part of full-time WRC roster. He can be more open and less political about things which concern WRC and it’s competitors. For example, drivers will rarely discuss the differences between rally cars of different teams, and will almost never discuss their team mates pace and possible issues regarding it.

Once you’re no longer part of the political politeness club, you can say a thing or two about your ex-team mates and other drivers. So Sebastien recently spoke about the issues Citroën is facing this year. He also discussed the pace and confidence issues of both Mikko Hirvonen and Dani Sordo. Correct me if I’m wrong, but these things are not usually part of team lingo, so it was a welcome addition to the otherwise very carefully cut statements and comments, which are norm in the sport today.

Few days ago, Loeb spoke about the problems Citroën and it’s drivers are facing, and what they should do to salvage the season. The Frenchman praised Hirvonen’s consistency (which apparently went MIA this year, but Mikko is on the lookout) and Sordo’s speed (which isn’t always there). He didn’t go too deep, as it would not be constructive nor beneficial. But he pointed the weaknesses in public. Does it add more pressure to the two Citroën pilots, or will it serve as a breaking point after which both Sordo and Hirvonen will produce much more reliable and consistent shows, time will tell.

Check out full story about Loeb’s comments here.