Video: Better to roll than to rock

Some say Rally Estonia and Rally Finland share many common features, from the smooth gravel surface to the very fast section of flowing corners and sweeping crests. Many drivers use Estonian event as a warm-up for Finland, or they are just having fun, like Jari-Matti Latvala is, driving his monospeed Audi Quattro.

When you go over the limit in high speed events such as this, consequences can be painful, or at least spectacular to watch. The crew in this video escaped without injuries, but the crash really looked quite violent. However, if you’re going off at high speed, rolling over is the safest thing you can hope for. Let the car panels and corners take the beating and absorb the energy. It destroys the car, that much is certain, but it’s much better than slamming into a solid obstacle, facing the deadly deceleration Gs.

Fantastic response by the spectators, who were instantly at the scene, pushing the car to safety and then ran back to the original spectating points in almost army-like fashion.