Breaking news: Citroën C-Elysée is a rally car (after all)!

It’s official now, World Rally Championship is being followed not only by fans of the sport, but also by general public, motor sports enthusiasts, and even the people who just love car racing and racing cars.

No surprise then that the one of the latest racing (!) cars can be easily mistaken for a rally car, because why not. Few days ago Citroën finally stripped the camo stickers and revealed the C-Elysée WTCC, aimed at conquering the World Touring Car Championship next year.

Sebastien Loeb will be behind the wheel of one of those cars next year, so it’s no wonder this news got “promoted” by many motor sport websites and media, even those exclusively dedicated to rallying (ahem). But it also was promoted by the official WRC Facebook page, prompting various comments from fans.

Is it a concept car, a design study, perhaps a rally car, what could it be? Surely, Citroën could make this into a rally car, for the lolz, but the most important thing to see here is that WRC still has a LOT to do in educating it’s fans about the tiny little yet so big and important details about the sport.