One stage for Tommi Makinen, but it’s going to be a Super-Special one

No more teasing, Tommi Makinen decided to reveal his plans for upcoming 2013 Rally Finland. Unfortunately, he will not do what Juha Kankkunen did not long ago, and that is to drive the entire length of the rally as a competitor. But, even though this is somewhat bad news, there’s plenty of good ones to compensate. After all, he did not tease us for so long, only to reveal some meh news, did he?

Instead of competiting in a rally proper, Makinen decided to tackle just one special stage, the Killeri superspecial in the host town of Jyvaskyla. But he won’t be just a side show – instead he will be first on the road. Still no word on the car he’ll use, so I hope it won’t be exciting but yeah group N Subaru Impreza. In fact, I’m pretty certain it won’t be that, because he promised to deliver a result that will challenge the current WRC frontrunners.

What car could it be? Some RWD thing? Historic group B? Perhaps one of the Mitsubishis he used to win WRC titles? Or maybe a modern WRC car? It may even be some special racing machine, not initially built as a rally car. Or why don’t we just go full crazy and imagine Hyundai WRC car, or something even more outrageous, such as WRC car by another manufacturer, not even involved with WRC yet!

Ok, back to earth. As interesting as car mystery is, Tommi’s main idea is promotion of Neste Oil Rally Finland, and his own business. To that end, Tommi will release special smartphone app, aimed at Rally Finland spectators. This app will have all the info about the stages, with one very exciting addition – detailed explaination on the driving techniques, racing lines and special tricks used by drivers to make the most out of stages. Bravo to you Sir, I say!

Fetch more info about the app and Tommi’s plans on the official Rally Finland website.