Video: Hyundai Motorsport, the new approach to WRC

Can we hope this will turn into a habit for Hyundai Motorsport? Each Monday they’re bringing us news related to their WRC project. Perhaps, but it’s summer, and even though 2014 is getting closer and closer, I suppose everyone deserves a little break. Even if they do, I don’t think tools will be silent for too long in teams Alzenau HQ, if at all.

Up to this point we learned about Juho Hanninen, Bryan Bouffier and Chris Atkinson making up the test and development team. Later this year Hyundai will reveal the names of their actual drivers line-up for 2014, and we will also learn about their sponsors, backers, car livery and other exciting stuff. Even though Hyundai are still keeping mostly to themselves, there are constant changes and updates to their team and their approach to the project and the sport at hand.

Which is exactly how they titled the latest (or shall we say first?) official video, New Approach to WRC. To be perfectly honest, video does not reveal too much about this new approach, other than the usual “build a car”, “hire expert staff”, “get yourself ready”, etc. But it’s a step forward nonetheless. Videos, social networks, interaction with fans and media, it’s all part of the big picture, and Hyundai is slowly entering that scene as well. In the following months we can, hopefully, expect more of everything, because team should really start their buzz campaign as soon as possible, to get the people interested and involved.

This video recaps the brand’s history in the sport and looks back at what’s been done so far over the course of 2012 and 2013. The “new approach” is more about what’s coming, I believe, so this video is just a teaser of all the goodies we’ll be seeing in the following months.