Let WRC winners be winners

While emotions and impressions are still fresh and high, I’d like to ask everyone to once again think about the so called powerstage shootout idea. Do you honestly believe this is the way to improve the sport and make it more fan, TV and media friendly? After all the crews went through over the last three days, fighting for every second and every turn, how do you take that away from them? One stage should not be in position to basically nullify the rest of the event, turning tens of seconds advantage into a loss, just because driver A was half a second slower then driver B on that all important stage. It makes no sense at all, not if we want to preserve what is the essence of the rally as an endurance kind of motor sport.

Yes, knowing about this stage being so important, drivers would probably adapt their approach, so the gaps would probably be different to those we had after Ouninpohja 2 today, but still, half a second on one stage should be treated as half a second, and that’s it.

This idea is not working and it would, I’m afraid, introduce more confusion into the sport, especially for the new fans and audience. Idea makers, try harder.