The odd thing about Hyundai… or is it?

I have zero doubts about Hyundai’s ability to prepare a top team for next year. Or do I? For some strange reason I have this odd feeling about this team, and to be honest I cannot really put my finger on what the issue is.

Is it about the introverted nature of their approach to the sport and the WRC project so far? Perhaps, but do try and talk to them, you’ll find them chatty and open. Besides, what would they be talking about really? Repeating the same phrases over and over again, because that’s all you’re able and allowed to say during testing. We saw it last year with Volkswagen and this year with Hyundai. Of course, there are some questions that go beyond the usual topics and I’ll see if we can work out some answers to such questions. So yes, they may be a bit on a shy and quiet side, but I don’t hold that against them. For now!

Perhaps it’s about cash? We all know Volkswagen, it’s the (overly) common thing here in Europe, or shall I say everywhere these days. So when they said they want to enter WRC, we sort of knew they would not flop. It was not an option. Now, about Hyundai. They’re also well known brand around the world and they’re setting some big sales records in Europe, where everyone wants to make a dent in Volkswagen’s sales. So why cash related doubts, if that’s what they are? Not sure. We’ve seen some numbers mentioned earlier this year, 70 or 80 millions of something (was it $ or €, don’t recall anymore), but it’s all pretty much irrelevant. It’s about what you do with the money and time you have. Hyundai decided to join WRC for a good reason – it needs a further boost to its presence and it needs to show the capability to meet the demands of a top racing series. Especially if this series involves a market rival such as Volkswagen, Citroën and Ford (I said Ford instead of Qatar M-Sport, let this be a token of my faith towards the imminent return of the blue oval). I don’t think it’s about money, and surely it’s not a sign Hyundai is not ready to invest what it takes to make things work. I also think it’s not the € alone behind the Volkswagen’s successes this year, a certain Sebastien is playing his part in it too.

Maybe this oddness is caused by team’s rather static presentation so far. I am not returning to the lack-of-talk issue. Instead, I’m talking about the lack of motion, movement, and what better way to display those than through videos. Not the videos such as the one released recently, dubbed “New Approach to WRC”. It was a nice first take, but let’s move on and improve. Despite what my dear friend Mrgud suggested, don’t fire the video editor person just yet! :) What we need is more raw stuff, more essence, more first-hand experience of things actually moving about the team. Yes, that’s what we need!

A simple on-board video from tarmac or gravel tests would be beyond amazing. Don’t mix it, over edit it or otherwise ruin it. Just raw footage with sounds and sights, perhaps two shots from the side of the road, showing some turns and slides. We need sounds, pictures and motion. Or just on-board video, no editing, nothing, record that thing and put it on Youtube. Also it would be great to hear from the drivers, they’re all well known faces in the WRC and we just love to hear our drivers speak as well as drive. Give us motion, because one or more such videos would present a much better story of team being on target with their preparation than any PR texts and images ever could.

I am not sure whether videos such as these would solve my odd feeling issue, but let’s have them first. Perhaps issue will only be fully solved when the i20 WRCs line up for the Rallye Monte Carlo next year…?