New Loebs and Ogiers are out there, WRC must find them!

  • If WRC is going to be ruled anything similar like another 9years by yet another Frenchman, who is also named Sebastien.. then I might loose my heart into rally! Mikko was the one I would have looked upon this year, since his numerous seconds in the past few years, but Ogier was also the one to look upto. I am really happy that Thierry is having his best this year, certainly his last year’s in Citroen has helped him to shape up to he is now.

    Lets hope the excitement soars up as it always had in WRC..

  • Voltron

    I was rooting fro Ogier when he was at Citroen cause he was a breath of fresh air and was the only driver who had what it takes to take the fight with Loeb, this year he doesn’t excite me since he is the ultimate driver this season….last year I enjoyed Thierry Neuville’s debut season he was very much exciting to watch as is this year, I would love to see yeat another Sebastien come through, Sebastien Chardonnet is another driver that excites me and I would love to see him enter the WRC on a regular basis, very young and talented…the more the manufacturers the more the competition amongst drivers … as that will increase the talent pool…it would also be interesting to see the likes of Craig Breen and Bryan Bouffier drive in the WRC class…

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