Ban practice runs on qualifying stage and make it longer, would that fix it?

  • Abdulla

    Beside dictating road position, what about adding points to the qualifying stages to make it “worth” it for drivers, . Making it a bit longer is also a nice idea, and to be broadcasted live for TV/internet. In a very competitive championship (hope this will happen in future) those “extra” points can be very precious.

    • Some sort of increased relevance and importance might be the way to go, yes. Either make it points worthy or use portion of the results and add them to the overall results. I do believe final solution by FIA will be a mix of those things, coupled with maybe ban on multiple runs on the stage. In which case, Mr. Ogier would be first to drive it and he would really be sweeping the road, unlike now.

  • Bruno

    My view :
    * from 2008 to 2011, the 1st driver in the standings had to clean the road. There was thrilling finishes but it was false competition and what I call administrative wins on gravel events. This had to be stopped.
    * since 2012, we’ve had qualifying stages. This means the fastest car can create the gap from Friday on, so as long as we do not have proper competition vs. Ogier/VW at the top (hope it doesn’t last 9 years…), most of the races will be over on Friday night.
    * so my point… On Friday, running order according to the world championship : the championship leader will clean the road, of course he has a disadvantage but he will never give up points on the previous rally just not to clean up. Then top 15 reversed. The champ leader will be 5th or 6th in the standings so he will have proper condition during 2 days to fight and possibly catch up with his rivals. Oh wait, this was the system used until 2007 that noone complained about ? Yes you’ve got it.
    Get rid of qualifying stages. Get rid of power stages if they are not TV broadcasted too. Actually I think ‘golden stages’ (an additional stage for TV not counting in the main results of the race) would be a better alternative, at least all drivers could give their best without fearing of losing the overall result.

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