Can Sordo take it from zero to hero?

Perhaps “zero” is a bit harsh, but it’s no secret Dani Sordo had a rough year so far, and his achievements in 2013 cannot actually be called heroic for the most part. He is also confirmed to skip Rally Australia to make room for Kris Meeke after the latter’s very convincing performance in Finland.

One would think Sordo is going to have a hard time finding motivation to compete in the remaining rallies, but you don’t end up being a WRC driver if your motivation is so fragile. For sure (oh I love this phrase, is this the most rally phrase ever?) Sordo can say one thing in team’s official press releases while at the same time think something completely different, but it only makes sense for him to shrug off the difficulties and pressures and focus on the job that is ahead of him.

And what is ahead of him is the first proper tarmac rally of the season, and a chance to finally put some bad things behind him. In a short 3 question Q&A with Citroën’s PR team, Dani revealed not only his motivation to score is intact, but he is also content (officially at least) with the decision to step down so Kris can have another go in Australia.

Will you be rooting for Dani in Germany? I know I will! Check below what kind of result he is aiming for.


Finally, you’re about to race again on tarmac. Will this be a new start for your season?

“We have only been able to test ourselves against our rivals on this surface at Monte-Carlo. And even then, almost all the roads were covered in snow. It’s difficult to make real comparisons, but my third place was encouraging. It’s no secret that I feel particularly at home this type of road surface. I know what is expected of me and I’m ready! I’m very pleased to be racing on this surface again.”

What are your goals for Germany?

“There are three tarmac rallies coming up between now and the end of the season, and I know my chances of doing well are even higher on this surface. Germany is a rather particular round, with road surfaces that vary greatly from one stage to another. There are a lot of corners which can make the racing line quite dirty, and the weather is often unpredictable. I have already had some good results in these sorts of conditions and I’ll be trying to fight for the win right from the word go.”

Your programme was changed recently. Will the fact you are missing Rally Australia change your approach?

“The decision was taken jointly. It means I can skip the specific preparation needed for Australia and focus more effectively on the three tarmac rallies that are coming up between now and the end of the season. I want to be quick in Germany, France and Spain. I know I can win, and I know how strong this team is. I have everything I need to do the job.”