Video: Hyundai Motorsport tarmac test by extremrallye

Hyundai’s recent tarmac test was much more than just a car running up and down the road – rally tests are never about that alone. It’s an opportunity for drivers to get more familiar with the car and the team. Also the team gets to work out in the field, where unexpected can happen and where you often must be very creative to solve issues on the go. But this session was also special because it attracted, or should I say featured, nice number of journalists, reporters and WRC enthusiasts. Becs Williams of WRC Live already started teasing us about the material she was able to prepare while following this test and talking to the team – more on that during the WRC weekend in Germany.

Luckily for us, Extremrallye were also there and like the Planetemarcus team, they prepared a video report about the latests development runs done by Hyundai.

What do you think of the i20 WRC’s tarmac behaviour, does it look like it’s getting there? Hyundai has a huge mountain to climb, but for now they are looking strong and determined to succeed, even though odds are certainly not in their favour. Time is definitely not on their side, but that’s the wrong way to approach things – instead, make the best of the time that is available.

Merci Mr. Extremrally for your hard work!

Photo by: Jean-Louis Riols