Video: This is NOT acceptable, spectators in Rally Deutschland

  • jack

    I understand where you are coming from, but this topic is completely over-reaction. The organisers and FIA hav e done their best to safeguard the safety for all competitors, teams and spectator.

    It is the silliness of a lot of spectators which populate this video, by not understanding the forces and speeds of this nature.

    The organisers clearly marked safe spectator points with terrific infrastructures around it, it is just that people who do not want to pay, or don’t want to listen show up in places where they have “free play” to make their best picture or shoot their best video.

    You can’t put stewards along every inch of the stages and you ask for people common sense in these instances, but that does not always work.

    All course cars inspecting the stages see this as an image of the moment, I know from experience that behaviour and safety rules change completely for spectators once the “real cars” are coming, and nothing is obeyed any more.

    Safety should be priority number one for every one, also for competitors, who get terrified every now and then when they come to a very tricky point where spectator show up unexpectedly.

    • Jack, thank you for commenting. I understand and appreciate your points, and you are very right about many things. I used to work as a marshal and stage co-ordinator, and I’ve seen how un-cooperative spectators and locals can be at times, but there is never too much when safety is concerned.

      Just imagine something happened, for example, that DS3 clipping the legs on the person sitting by the road. How would you apply “over-reaction” to that incident? I am willing to bet everyone would be talking about how “more should be done” in terms of safety.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion.

  • Maskolis

    On the last stage:
    During the 16th special stage of the Rallye Deutschland, an incident occurred involving two spectators. A WRC 2 car came off the road and injured two persons who were standing in a forbidden zone that is not accessible for spectators. The injured persons were taken to hospital for medical treatment. The special stage was stopped.

  • Dylan

    “You can’t put stewards along every inch of the stages ”

    Maybe not, but funny how you never see idiots like the ones in these videos going unchecked in places like Finland, for instance. There the stewards really do their job and everything usually goes smoothly.

    “In fact, if something bad did happen, perhaps spectators could embrace the US model and sue organizers and drivers?”

    Only in America… you can get paid for being a complete tosser… hope it stays that way.

  • James

    I should go to a EU event, because in america we have enforced designated areas and can be easily banned by passing the red tape. I just want to get wasted with a beer helmet on the outside of a corner in my lawn chair, it seems like that’s the German way. American (U.S.) events I think are easier to manage since there are fewer people in attendance and are in exceedingly limited access areas. I see more people at the rally every year which is good, but that one-in-five-hundred person who is an idiot will happen no matter what, and more people involves more idiots, like at New England Forest Rally, where a drunkard RAN IN FRONT of a competitor and got hit like a frat house bong. Rally is wicked dangerous, and it can be seen safely, but ultimately its up to the individual.

  • T Nielsen

    @maskolis: as one of the injured people I can assure you that we were standing at a place approved by organisers, we have that information not only from the police after the accident/incident, but also from the organisers.
    Don’t be mistaken, organisers is in this case divided into 2 parties, one who actually arrange the rally – and the financials behind. The “money” behind in this case is ADAC – which “took” the liberty only 45 minutes after accident releasing a press statement informing that we where at a non approved place…..
    However the police and “real” organisers has in writing informed us that ADAC is wrong – but they are not yet willing to send another press release, in my humble opinion they will newer do for political matter. Which can be a sick way of thinking…..
    I have been to Rallye D approx 6 times, and this time the spectator management was under huge pressure because of many spectators and the new and more compressed stage layout…

    • Thanks a lot for this comment and for sharing your thoughts on the matter, especially as you were directly involved with the incidents in Rally Deutschland.

      I understand the political aspect and reluctance to bring too much public attention to the incidents, but I also hope that everybody learned their lessons on that day. Being too public about it might have backfired in the form of causing public outrage against the event and rallying in general, which would be bad, but if nothing happens and improves for future events, that would be, in a way, even worse.

      It is absolutely great to hear the spectators were out in big numbers, that’s the ultimate goal of this sport and its driving force, but it also means organizers, FIA and local authorities must adapt and grow in size and experience too.

      • T Nielsen

        Thanks for your reply!
        Yes, I do hope that the organisers will re-think, in my humble opinion the Rallye D has always been one of the safest rally events I have had the pleasure of visiting, so I hope that it will be a bit of a “make-ower” for next year.
        3-4 years ago we followed the 15 front-runners ( and many spectators did that) so we arrived 5-10 minutes before first car , meaning that we did not have real time to be creative and walking for a long time. When car no 12-15 has passed we left for next WP/SS.
        Today that pattern is not always possible to follow, and we could hear from the officials on WP “Dhrontal” (before accident) that they were a bit amazed of the massive numbers of spectators and the creativity from them.
        I hope it’s clear that even if I was injured I’m hoping that the rally-sport still will be able to give us the magnificent kicks of speed, elegance and control in the future…..

  • Clive Bushnell

    Unbelievably stupid behavior from almost all of the spectators in those clips and as for the guy sitting in the CHAIR – my opinion on that’s just not fit for publication. Crashes happen. and when they do, the car is by definition, out of control and could, if it flips or rolls, go some distance up or down banks – we’ve all seen the footage. A few fatal crashes put an end to Group B – what would the result be now – I expect that the author’s suggestion is correct and the manufacturers would pull out. result – very likely no more WRC

    Get a grip of yourselves folks – we want excitement, not tragedy.

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