Video: This is NOT acceptable, spectators in Rally Deutschland

Instead of going far and wide in explaining my thoughts on this matter, and some of those I expressed yesterday in another post, let me just attach few videos, showing what kind of stupid behaviour was obviously tolerated during latest WRC event in Germany.

Please, take a few minutes to watch these videos and then let me know if you think this is acceptable. Do you feel organizers were correct when they allowed this? Did FIA fail miserably in enforcing its own safety standards – they drive through stages before the actual competitors and they also have helicopters which can be used to check the spectators. This is utter and total disgrace and while I am 100% sure nothing will come out of it, it is my opinion that organizers of this particular event should receive some kind reprimand at least. I do not care at all about the financial struggle, this is the lamest possible excuse and is actually insulting me.

If any of these cars went just few centimeters further, we would end up with injuries and maybe even fatalities. What good would that bring to organizers? To the FIA or the WRC? Surely Volkswagen, Citro├źn and Ford would not be comfortable taking part in a sport which ends up dragged through mainstream media not because of their results, but because some pricks irresponsible individuals were allowed to sit (SIT!!!) ten centimeters away from the road, on the outside of a turn featuring a jump.

There is no excuse for this, and I sincerely hope that FIA and organizers will rethink their safety procedures and standards before it’s too late. Or are they just waiting for something like that to happen, so they can slam final few nails into our coffin? Let’s hope not.

In fact, if something bad did happen, perhaps spectators could embrace the US model and sue organizers and drivers? Are we waiting for that?