Video: I’d scream and cry and I wouldn’t even care, Deltas!

This video made me realize just how hard it must be for those girls, screaming and shouting and hysterically trying to cope with the thought that their idol (insert random boy band name here) are few feet away from them on the stage. I’d totally lose my shit with all these Deltas, but the guy in the video is cool as a cucumber, except for some slight trembling at the start of the video. I am very partial and I am totally obsessed with this car. Why and how did it happen, I don’t know. Perhaps I was exposed to it in a very tender age, seeing it race and rally, and the rest is history. As a guy, I’d totally buy a bra and wear it, just so I can throw it at the Delta. Surely, I’ll regret posting this tomorrow, but YOLO!