Hyundai Motorsport goes social! (testing videos inside)

With the amount of Hyundai related posts on the frontpage of this site I risk being called a Hyundai fanboy or their social networks service wannabe, but fear not, there’s no need for that. There is no need because today Hyundai Motorsport launched a full social networks offensive, kicking off their presence on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube…

It’s a big step forward for the team, even though it may not look like much compared to the “real work” in car development and testing. But social media presence is huge thing because it’s never too early to start building your fan base.

For this three-way launch to be perfect Hyundai decided to share some of the behind-the-scenes images and videos, few of which you can see here. The buzz is here and it’s very much alive – well done Hyundai!

Personally I am really looking forward to next year but also to the following months; it will be much easier to see and hear what the Alzenau based team is up to. They know we’re all very curious and they’ve responded in the best possible way.

Catch Hyundai Motorsport up at Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.