Video: Hill climb drift, because he doesn’t know any better

Hill climb racing is very similar to rallying, in fact, it’s a blend of rallying and circuit racing – you get to race in a twisty almost rally stage like roads, but the road is wide, tarmac is smooth and well it’s only one track. So the thing is to try and be fastest from start to finish, usually in two or three heats. Logic says you should be driving straight on straights and turn in turns. And stay the hell away from any oversteer because it kills your result in the end. That’s how you would do it as a normal racing driver. But Mrgud, he’s not a normal (racing driver).

This guy’s name is Miroslav Zrnčević, but he is best known by his street name Mrgud. Which, conveniently, is the Croatian name for the perma-angry & bitter Smurf. You know the one with the tattoo. Mrgud is not like that in real life, but don’t tell anyone, he likes to use it to intimidate people before they get to know him. Mrgud is a drifter, he does not even know how to park the car in a straight line, and word is out that he even walks sideways, sleeps sideways and more or less is sideways.

Organizers of one of the most spectacular races in Europe, Buzet International Hill Climb (FIA European Hill Climb Championship), obviously weren’t thinking straight (conveniently, again) when they decided to invite Mrgud to compete in the race as a show driver. What followed is the total show – Mrgud had tons of fun in his almost-production Nissan Skyline and his efforts were rewarded when the cars descended to the start after the final heat. Buzet spectators are unique, they enjoy motor sports through and through and all drivers are their favourites. But if you step out of the norm and throw a little show for them, you’ll be greeted as a hero. Which is what happened to Mrgud.

What’s that all got to do with rally, you ask. Well, nothing, but it’s noise, it’s cars, it’s speed and fun. Plus, Mrgud is a friend and a hell of a WRC fan. Which is enough for me. Enjoy the show!