Codemasters, are you up for the RBR level of rally realism challenge?

  • martin

    Hear hear! Totally agree on so many of your points. It should be said however that the latest installment of DiRT was a blast to play in my opinion. A nice balance of simulation and arcade if you will. I know that I don’t have the RBR fans with me on this one, but slap on some more content, longer stages and a service system like in the old days and I’d be quite happy.

  • Damien

    Codemasters may not be the only ones capable of pulling such a thing. Slightly Mad Studios (UK, NFS Shift & Shift 2) recently (2012) launched a community based video game financing scheme, and did let know on multiple occasions that they had a rally simulator as a possible future plan.

    Unfortunately, the material they have released so far isn’t very promising on that particular matter. 4WD cars in their “pre alpha race simulation” still behave behond terribly and supposedly country roads look like friggin Autobahns. Let’s just hope the overly optimistic community investors don’t ruin their future projects…

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