Porsche is a spectacular rally car, even when it crashes

Do yourself a favour and do a quick google for Chris Harris and Francois Delecour but don’t forget to add Porsche to the search phrase. What you’ll see is one of the best rally driver taking a GT car for a spin on the twisty roads of his neighborhood in France, all while breaking all sorts of laws and rules (judging by the expressions on Chris’ face) and talking about how good it would be to have GT cars on rally stages.

Not long ago FIA was all over us with this idea of bringing GT cars into the WRC. They promised initiatives and measures to help manufacturers and teams join rally championships with their GT machines. Lotus bit the bullet, tried and eventually bailed out because nobody else wanted to play.

So it’s up to privateers and enthusiasts to race and rally their Porsches, Lotuses, Nissans and all other GT cars, not usually considered to be rally machines as such.

Porsches are spectacular cars, whether they’re sitting on a parking lot, idling at the red light or screaming their glorious asses off on a race track or a rally stage. And when you’re that spectacular and awesome, you just are, no matter what you do. For example, this video shows how Porsche rally car crashes. Not a boring slide into a ditch kind of crash, no sir. When these machines go out, they go out in style.

Hopefully crew also managed to get out (of the car), in time rather than style. Crash happened in a Hellendoorn rally this year, driver in charge is Harry Kleinjan.

EDIT TO ADD: A bit of an explanation about what exactly happened. Thanks Dré Galiart.