Rallymedia.nl does Hellendoorn Rally 2013

Hellendoorn Rally in Netherlands reached world fame overnight thanks to the infamous crash showing vintage Porsche slamming into concrete barrier and splashing roof first into a canal. It was a violent crash and no wonder video went viral. It does not mean that every single person that saw this video now knows about the Hellendoorn Rally, but I’m sure some people went to Google and Youtube to search for more information about this event. For a good reason, as the video below reveals.

This particular event is comprised of some fantastic roads combined with equally fantastic traps, ready to rip your car into pieces, embrace it as it slides into a ditch or send it rolling down the slope and into a splash. As such, it’s a perfect setting for an exciting rally.

Rallymedia.nl is behind this particular report, which means it’s top quality, perfect angles and all-engine sound-no-dubstep. Enjoy!

Dré, thanks for the tip!