Molly Taylor: “It was tough, but eventually we made it”

Croatia Rally looked like a disaster from the start – Molly Taylor and co-driver Seb Marshall lost chunks of time with car misfiring during Thursday’s superspecial, then came the Friday and the infamous fuel leakage which filled the cockpit of their Citroën DS3 R3 with petrol fumes. Molly even had to take a breather between the stages after the fumes started affecting her concentration. Yet both Aussie driver and her British co-driver prevailed and kept going. It wasn’t just about finishing yet another rally – they were in a hot pursuit of FIA Ladies Trophy and giving up was not an option.

Eventually both Molly and Seb reached the finish after an “epic rally” filled with problems and challenges. I am confident that this makes their title feel even more deserved. Congratulations to both, now let’s see them at least remain at same level next year, or perhaps go for a bigger challenge in higher tiers?

Molly Taylor
”It was tough, but eventually we made it – she said – I wish to thank the Team, Seb and United Business who believed in me, I had the opportunity to work in a highly professional structure, they have always provided me the best, I thank Paolo Butelli and all the boys, they were fantasctic throughout the season. When you win it all seems easy and completely granted, but the season was tough , Seb and I tackled eight events of the European series, seven of which for the first time, we worked hard to reach this goal. The Ladies’ Trophy was won on the field race after race along with the entire team”.

Seb Marshall
“I am happy. We are a great team , we have proved it throughout the season, we all do a sport that we love, we do so with the utmost professionalism and always give our best. We dedicate the Title dedicate to ourselves and to the whole team, who always gave us an excellent Citroen DS3 R3 which has always been performing and reliable”.