Video: Hyundai’s altitude test in Spain

Two days ago they released a story and photos from the latest test sessions and today it’s time for a short-ish video featuring i20 WRC eating gravel. Bryan Bouffier and Juho Hanninen were in charge of carrying out these tests and from what I can tell they really like this car. Earlier this year Hyundai visited Finland in preparation for the specific nature of that event and in Spain they continued working on gravel setup while also testing the car in the higher altitude. It would be great to hear which areas on the car are working as expected and which are not, but dream on, that kind of information will never be released. Not that it would reveal anything, but for any team or a company talking about weaknesses is not an option. Sucks to be curious then, right?

Here’s i20 WRC in capable hands of Juho Hanninen and Bryan Bouffier. Okay guys, can we now have another video, onboard this time?