Today we learned: TV is good, TV is great, TV is our friend

  • Slayer_ch

    I don’t have a lot of hope for more Live rally next year. Rally France was already Live last year.

    • Yeah, I seem to remember it being live. The moment when Solberg went all bananas… I mean grapes!

      I just tuned in and THAT was happening right then live.

  • Okay, I’m the sort of guy preferring to play the Devil’s advocate.

    Let”s just take a step back and look at televised rallying compared to other motorsports.

    It is probably one of THE most spectacular televised motor sports out there (I mean e.g. there was shockingly spectacular footage delivered at the ERC Acores event).

    I said this before here, but here it is once again:

    I think the whole idea of rallying is hard to sell in general and that’s the main problem. It is just impossible to put it on TV live. Possible for one stage, but not for a whole event.

    Take that and try to find a time slot on a Saturday and Sunday where it doesn’t conflict with F1 or any sports event (and night stages do not really count – there is nothing to see, literally).

    IRC was good, because it was almost perfectly tailored for TV. Running for two days, many repeated stages and there was extensive live coverage, etc, much of it still present at ERC.

    But that’s still not enough. Watching one or two stages like is like randomly tuning in to F1 lap 14 to 22 and then 37 to 45.

    People want to get the whole story, they want to celebrate a winner, they do not want to wait till the end of the day for a roundup. It totally loses the edge of it by then, the drama cools off. And exciting as it is, it is hard for the novice to jump in, not being able to follow the events immediately.

    The whole thing has to be a lot more compact. Even less stages (or just have one long stage for a day, run back and forth multiple times. Then you can have all the live TV you want, basically, but it would be more reasonable to keep it within a 3-hour frame and run it in two days

    I mean I wouldn’t mind seeing forward and reversed Col de Turini, Ouninpohja, Fafe or El Condor runs.

    I know it sounds like World Rally Sprint Championship, but it still sounds a lot better than World Rallycross Championship.

    The harsh reality is that there won’t be any positive change to the popularity of rallying and WRC if there isn’t proper TV coverage.

    And for a proper TV coverage the sport has to be changed.

    I know, I know.

    But then rallying was the one of all of the motor sports changing its format and spirit the most through the ages.

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