PopbangColour – sounds like a colour splashing turbocharger. Close enough!

I just received an email starting with “there is no end to this madness”. Alright, I thought, time to put on my crazy suit and a lunatic smile. But this was not a bad crazy, it was a good crazy, rally related even. Of course, I knew it was going to be a good crazy because it came from Volkswagen’s Rally The World revolutionary movement. Yeah, same guys that travel the world in a roof mounted sofa and spectate at rallies while sampling local, rallyfan prepared delicacies. This time, however, they were all about art. And cars of course. Combining the two is the British (c)artist Ian Cook, also known as PopBangColour.

Here’s what Rally The World says about Ian’s work:
Someone who calls himself “PopbangColour” knows what he’s talking about when he promises a – in his words – “friendly” explosion of colour. The man behind the name is in fact Englishman Ian Cook. And who other than an Englishman would come up with the idea of using radio-controlled cars to create huge paintings of – wait for it – cars. It was his girlfriend who first gave him the idea – she gave him his first radio-controlled car on the condition that he wouldn’t take it into the studio with him. Luckily, he ignored her plea!

Cool is what I say. Not sure how long it took Ian to finish that painting in Rallye de France service park, but it looks great and it deserves a stamp of approval from rallying community. With that said, how about a new challenge – paint us a portrait of the new world rally champions, Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia!