Clashes, clashes everywhere – the 2014 for WRC, F1 and MotoGP

  • Alex Langheck

    Hmmm, it’s not as bad as it was a few years ago. However, F1 has grown into a huge behemoth, that it dwarfs all other Motorsport series. As a result, they all try to avoid clashing with F1, but can’t.
    The sad thing is, that the FiA have very little control of the F1 calendar, so even if they wanted to, they can’t – Bernie decides. What we have now is ridiculous; the F1 season ending in November, after the WRC season.

    Time was when the old RAC Rally would be the final big Motorsport event of the year; and attracted racing drivers, and the F1 writers to cover it. Now, nothing – and in fact clashes with an F1 race….

    Add in the WTCC, the WEC and you have a recipe for monster clashes…… With only one winner; F1

    • I did not dare include another series here. And I can only agree with the rest of your comment.

  • liska

    “Let’s also asume WRC promoters will indeed bring live TV to next year’s WRC events, similar to what Rallye de France did this year. Unofficially, they plan to have live TV on at least eight (8) rounds of the 2014 World Championship.”

    Source please ?

  • Slayer_ch

    Sounds good. However for example Sport 1 showed one Power Stage Live. Other than that 20-30 minutes Highlights like always. This must change for 2014.

  • Well, they do not REALLY clash, do they? As WRC has no live TV coverage, only the evening highlights. I usually watch the hour-long overviews myself the next week.

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