Thierry Neuville seen leaving the ABCD Motorsport HQ… the plot thickens

Well, isn’t this exciting? Everything around WRC (with the exception of split times) points to the brighter future and better times ahead. We have new champions, new team will join us next year, we share billion calendar slots with either Formula 1 or MotoGP (ouch), we lost Acropolis and New Zealand… erm… and we also have a very interesting mini game going on as we speak. Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia snatched the 2013 driver – co-drivers title, but Volkswagen is still locked in a battle with Citroën over manufacturer’s crown. But all that pales in comparison to the excitement of driver’s market. And this one guy is playing a nice little game of “I’ll tell you what I want when I think it’s time to tell you what I want”.

His name is Thierry Neuville and he is talking his racing boots off these days. Chatting with M-Sport, talking with Citroën, visiting Hyundai and, let’s continue the story, he was last seen leaving the Opel Motorsport headquarters. Okay, so he wasn’t, but can we be really sure? Can we trust him (say this in low, slightly concerned voice)? I bet Thierry knows more about the plans of all current and potential future WRC teams better than many reporters, journalists, not to mention Jean Todt.

Oh yes, to return to Opel for a moment. You remember the launch of their Adam rally car project? They said in stages three and four (out of four) Corsa will take over the leading role in brand’s rally programme. That to me translates to sometime 2014 (less likely) or 2015 (most likely). Corsa = B segment car, same as Polo, Fiesta, i20, DS3. But what will they do with it? Who knows, perhaps even they don’t know yet, because hey, two years is eternity in WRC. Heck, we (the general public) still don’t know what WRC will be like next year.

Did Thierry talk to Opel? I’m sure he did!

One day, when the time is right, Thierry will wake up, burn his tongue on a coffee too hot, sit on his brand new glasses and realize it’s time to spill the beans before things go too far. Don’t wait till it’s too late, Mr Neuville.