Forget Loeb, Ogier, Latvala; forget Volkswagens and Citroëns… It’s time for a time travel!

Okay, so I went through this video and thought “Oh my, the WRC sure has changed a lot in 10 years”. I often do that. For some reason I like to skip from nineties right to 10s. Like 2000 to 2010 never happened. But anyway, did WRC and rallying really change that much in 20 (twenty!) years? I’d say yes, yes it did.

This is 1993 Rallye Monte Carlo. The classiest of classics. And giants, dear friends, giants are all over the place. Just look at them. Didier Auriol, Francois Delecour, Luis Moya, Carlos Sainz, Juha Kankkunen, Totip liveried Lancia Delta, Castrol Toyota Celica, the beastly Ford Escort RS Cosworth. For younger generations it might be hard to think that these old guys were not so old 20 years ago; in fact, they were at the top of their game, fastest rally drivers of that era. It’s always great to see them in action. It’s not only cars and drivers that were spectacular back then – look at the spectators! Sure and of course, some of their actions and spectating positions are plain dumb and obviously dangerous, but can you feel their passion and awe? They are EVERYWHERE – just count how many are watching the start of the stage.